Webinar Wednesday May 27th, 11 am (PST), 2 pm (EST)

New normal: ensure quality in your supply chain with remote QC

Are you facing a new normal with quality in your supply chain?

Quality assurance can be a challenging task—especially with increased restrictions for visiting factory sites and business partners abroad. We believe there is a simple solution: Empowering your team with remote quality assurance.

Therefore, I will be hosting a webinar to show you how our simple QC tool can be used to sustain operations and remain in control.

During the session, I’ll show you how to:

  • Capture quality issues early on
  • Increase productivity and accuracy
  • Improve communication and cooperation between the factory and your company
  • Make decisions based on real-time reports and analytics
May 27th, 11 am (PST), 2 pm (EST)

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Why should you join?

Quality assurance today is characterized by outdated manual processes consisting of paper-based reports and spreadsheets, which leave organizations disconnected from quality with lack of transparency, efficiency, and accuracy. During this webinar, you can see how we are changing that with an all-in-one digital solution that empowers your team to ensure quality remotely across the entire supply chain.

Remote quality control
See how you can manage your quality remotely with a digital inspection tool.
All-in-one digital solution
Plan, inspect, report, and evaluate all activities across factories in one digital solution.
Hands-on and tangible
The webinar will be very hands-on with tangible explanations and examples of how to deploy the solution.
Improve quality and supplier relations
See how you can improve communication, supplier relations, and product quality while saving time, money, and resources!
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